Mustahlik "Consumer" TV Identity

TV Identity Animations for "Almustahlik" "The Consumer" TV Channels

By Delivering the message that , There's a misleading environment around consumer that makes him get lost or see a distorted image of the true cosumption
The First Idea used is taken from the Cafe of Mirrors where you see you're shape in warped image and every thing is warped and distorted then the lines of "Mustahlik" Guides towards the straight image of consumer  
Refrences to the Idea 
The Other Direction To the same theme was playing with semi distorted shadows ,  when shadows hit a distorted or rough geometry it gets distorted as well
Refrence To that :
Based on the Idea of getting lost and misleading we introduced the labyrinth , and making the lines of "musthlak" as basic element to guide the consumer from getting lost .
And To make that effect even more dramatic I animated the walles of the labyrinth so it always change  the same like the markets world in the real life where every day there's a change  
Bringing the lines of "Mustahlik" again to light the ways of consumer 
A very fast tweener just to reveal the logo 
Snap shot of the 3D scenes setup in Maya 

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